A precious metal is a rare naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value. Precious metals are often referred to as the ultimate safe-haven assets during the times of market turmoil and high volatility. Because of this a lot of experienced investors hold at least some part of their portfolio in precious metals.

BlackBull Markets’ Energy

Energy Description
USOIL (US Light Crude Oil) US Oil futures options. Demand for Oil is one of the best indicators of economic growth, however in recent years the indecision of OPEC and the large oversupply has pushed down the price. OPEC decisions are just as important as market conditions when determining the price of Oil
NGAS (Natural Gas) Natural Gas (NG) futures options. As an alternative to other fossil fuels NG has a high demand and seasonal shifts in prices. Europe’s reliance on NG for winter energy increases the volatility around the Northern Hemisphere winter months