ZuluTrade! A world leading, peer to peer, a social trading platform where you can mimic trading strategies between thousands of registered, talented currency traders from 192 countries. Using ZuluTrade’s proprietary performance evaluation algorithm, as well as feedback from ZuluTrade’s knowledgeable community, BlackBull clients can customise trades according to your preferences and risk tolerance.

Picking your Trader:

Traders are ranked using “ZuluRank” under a number of different factors. The factors include their overall performance, stability, maturity, exposure, minimum equity required to follow all the trader’s positions, and other performance metrics. The ranking system is also backed up by the feedback from ZuluTrade’s knowledgeable community.

Managing your risks:

BlackBull Clients can view their risk exposure provided as the Margin-Call-o-Meter. The indicator is designed to help you determine whether the parameter settings that you have chose to put your account at risk for a margin call. If the total allowed number of lots puts your account at risk, the indicator will turn red.


Other Key Features:

  • ZuluGuard – Advanced account protection feature that monitors the performance of the user’s Traders 24/7.
  • Simulation – Allows users to test their selected trader’s performance according to the Settings of their account.
  • Customisation settings – Retain full control over your account such as:
  • Configure lot sizes.
  • Set currency pairs.
  • Maximum open trades.
  • Custom stops and limits.
  • Edit or close any position instantly.
  • Automator – Create and execute your own automated rules using “if this, then that” logic.
  • Social Charts – Pick a moment on any instrument chart and share comments or insights.                         
  • Availability – Website and all major mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire) allowing you to be in control of your account anywhere, anytime.

ZuluTrade Registration for New Clients

For existing clients, please contact support@blackbullmarkets.com if you wish to open a Zulutrade account.