Social Trading Overview

The area of social trading is rapidly expanding in the Forex market and BlackBull Markets has partnered with the best social trading providers available. Clients can now follow trades made by other Traders that are participating in our Social Trading System, directly from their trading accounts.

What is Social Trading?

Traders can follow trades made by others, direct into their BlackBull Markets trading account. Social Trading may be an ideal service for traders who are interested in the markets yet are short of time or lack market education, or just simply wish to have someone else trade on their behalf. It’s also a cost-effective solution for Clients who do not have the time to develop and refine their trading strategies.

Why Social Trading?

We believe part of the reason MetaTrader 4 remains so popular with traders is because of its ability to automate trades easily. You might be thinking you like the forex markets but don’t know enough about them or don’t have enough time to trade. Or perhaps you might be trading another asset class and wish to diversify into forex and CFDs.

Here are some of the reasons why BlackBull Markets clients use social trading:

  • Start-up costs are low. You don’t always need to have a large initial deposit to begin trading with automated signals or following another trader. Some providers will allow you to start with as little as $200.
  • Diversifying your risk. You can allocate different strategy providers with certain social trading platforms, giving you an ability to diversify risk rather than rely on a single provider.
  • Verified trading results. Some social trading websites work with traders who are on live accounts only. There’s no demo or virtual accounts being used and there is a clear track record of results over a period of time for you to decide about which one you prefer.
  • Save on fees. Money management with experienced traders can sometimes attract administration fees or performance fees. Social trading providers often charge fixed fees or a fee in the way of slightly wider trading spread.